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Struggles When Traveling With Food Allergies

June 29th, 2014

roasted-onions-japanese-yam-12-2-13 (Excerpt from a recent interview with Dr. Samantha) What have been some of the major struggles and issues you have experienced while traveling with food allergies? Oh wow, there have been many… ​Often I hear from a server “of course it’s gluten free” but then when I start asking more questions about the sauce or the way it is prepared I begin to realize it is anything but. 

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Gluten Free and Vegan Cooking Classes

June 29th, 2014



When most people think of grilling they think of meat. I can’t tell you how many time’s I hear “Oh I don’t grill ever because I don’t eat meat.” Well I will tell you right now, that is a bunch of bullcocky! Come take a fun cooking class with me and a few of your friends, learn how to cook Zucchini Steaks, Grilled Plantains, Charred Onions and the best Eggplant you’ll ever taste. Check out the perk section to find out more. Thank you for all of the support and please share the word with anyone that could use a fun and helpful cooking class! Click HERE for a great cooking class that will make you excited about being gluten free. 

The Food Allergy World Traveler Companion

June 16th, 2014

Help us create the Ultimate Food Allergy Travel Companion and video series, the only one of its kind,  to help anyone with any type of food allergy safely travel the entire world. If you would like to donate or help spread the word check out our indiegogo site here.

Together we can change the world and help all of those with food allergies feel confident and excited to travel without fear of getting sick.